Everyone is important in the society. In times of crisis we must act together to protect the people most at-risk. In this pandemic it’s the elderly and people with underlying health conditions. We need to keep them healthy, physically, mentally and financially. Below are some measures we can take to ensure an effective quarantine for them.

  • Issue shelter-in-place directives to the at-risk groups, including people over the age of 60, and people with underlying health conditions



  • To assist them financially, the elderly and people with underlying health conditions can receive $1200/month, and the funding can come from the CARES Act budget allocated for pandemic relief; for their caretakers who are also quarantined we can provide them with financial assistance as well. This will greatly reduce possible community transmission

  • Prioritize infection testing and antibody testing for those under quarantine. Antibody testing is especially important, as it can show who can leave quarantine after acquiring immunity

  • Caretakers and close family members to those under quarantine also get priority testing for both infection and antibody. This will identify potential infection risk, and allows for interactions with family members free of infection

  • Advocate for tech companies to donate communication technology, such as smartphone and video chat software to the elderly so they can spend virtual time with their family and friends during quarantine

The goal is to ease off on the quarantine for the at-risk groups once we have done enough infection testing to identify carriers, implemented antibody testing to show who has immunity, and relieved the burden on our healthcare system. With the achievement of those goals, we can greatly reduce the threat of infection to the at-risk groups. Let us all do our part to take care of our loved ones, and keep the economy running so they can come back to a safe and prosperous society

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