Restart the Service Sector at a Measured Pace once New Quarantine Measures in Place

  • The service sector is the hardest hit sector, and it is also the backbone of our economy


  • We can start up restaurants, social events and retail stores slowly, initially at a 1/3 or 1/4 capacity


  • This still allows for social distancing to reduce the viral spread


  • Most of the shops and restaurants need to pay rent or mortgage, and even with reduced capacity, they will be able to generate cash flow to meet minimum payment; If they are shut down, there will be no cash flow, and they will be forced to close. Once they are closed, it is extremely difficult to get those jobs back as the startup cost is high


  • The service sector can ramp up the capacity slowly as we get a better handle on the pandemic with improved testing, herd immunity, new treatment options and vaccines

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